A Sharpe on the Cutting Edge

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Our Chevy Volt, Polaris Victory & Ford Mustang

Blue Thunder..... as Donn aptly calls it, was added the Sharpe family of vehicles on July 23. It is a 2001 Victory Deluxe.

92 cubic in(1507 cc) We found it on "Craigs List". It was located in Ortonville. (Between Pontiac and Flint)

Meaghan and I drove up to Ortonville to have a look. It was in really great shape and came with lots of extras.

  • The pipes are after market so it also came with the original pipes.
  • A set of his and her Leather jackets with the Victory Logo on back.
  • A set of his and her rain gear with the Victory Logo on the back.
  • A second set of floor boards.
  • A chrome rack for behind the rear seat.
  • A small back pack like leather bag that attaches to the rear seat.
  • And a brand new cover!


We already have a couple of trips planned.

Friday, September 13, we are heading to Port Dover in Canada with some friends who have a new 2013 Harley. It is our understanding that Port Dover turns into a little Sturgis every Friday the 13th! (Makes no difference winter ,summer, rain or shine!)


port dover ontario canada